Janet Tweed - New Ideas to Move Delhi Forward

Janet grew up in a small rural town, before going to school in Philadelphia to become a physical therapist. Since arriving in Delhi with her husband, Michael, who teaches architecture at SUNY Delhi, and their son Emmett, Janet has worked for a homecare agency. You may have seen her around, since she has traveled every major route and most minor routes in Delaware County. She volunteers with the Delhi Beautification Committee and the Catskill Mountain Club, and she coached her son’s soccer team and facilitated the Delhi Rally for the Planet. She does this because she loves Delhi’s beauty and small town atmosphere. And on top of all this, she makes excellent homemade pickles and jam.

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    Good Government for You

    • Transparency and Accountability
    • Shared Services Strategies
    • Smart Infrastructure Management


    Family and Community

    • Better Parks and Pool
    • Delhi Comprehensive Plan Advancement
    • Community Engagement


    Environmental and Economic Prosperity

    • Improve Housing Options
    • Promote Business Growth
    • Embrace Tourism


    For detailed information - Click on the link for each plank of the platform.


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