Good Government for You


-Transparency and Accountability

Good government is transparent to its citizens. While Delhi is making strides toward transparency and accountability, the same cannot be said for the County. I hold myself to a higher standard. As such I will work to increase transparency in all level of governments. I pledge to use social media to help disseminate information. This includes posting agenda items and meeting recaps. In each case, I look for feedback from you the citizen that I can take forward. I also intend work with the town supervisor to make sure the County’s policies are in the best interest of Delhi.


-Shared Services Strategies

The village should not be dissolved, but  it does make sense to have shared services. I believe the Town and Village are making good progress on this effort, but what may be missing is leveraging the efficiencies created by shared services to make Delhi better. For example, more sharing responsibility of parks and roads will not only save money but is an opportunity to make the town better for families and business.


-Smart Infrastructure Management

Thanks to Darren Evans, Delhi has a 5-year plan for updating and managing our roads and culverts. But despite a great plan, we have ongoing issues with aging equipment and new or changing state guidelines. A smooth-running infrastructure lets the Town focus on bigger projects like tourism, beautification, and business growth, so that when we need to do typical road construction, it lets us make easy decisions that look ahead and support growth.

Family and Community


-Better Parks and Pool

As a mother with a young child, I value good parks and support the construction of the pool. Using efficiencies from shared services I will push for a better park system that creates more playgrounds, construction of the trails, a public pool, and toilets and changing facilities that benefit town residents and tourists who may have to travel into the village to use these services.


-Delhi Comprehensive Plan Advancement

The citizens have already told u what they would like to see our town become. It is time to get more aggressive with updating and implementing the master plan to get it done. Important first steps are a market study that will attract economic development, develop strategies to embrace tourism and build a better park system.


-Community Engagement

We need to voice our concerns and complaints as citizens. Our town councilmen need to listen and respond to concerns. A town message board with responses from the town meetings is an easy way to get involved. Community volunteer days should coordinate with SUNY and Delaware Academy events as well as other community groups. We have pride in Delhi, we need to show it.

Environmental and Economic Prosperity


-Improve Housing Options

SUNY Delhi and O’Connor Hospital continually bring people into town, but many choose to live elsewhere because of a lack of good housing options.  As recommended in the master plan, a market study is needed so we understand the demand, then as a town we can work with developers to create new housing and responsibly grow again.


-Promote Business Growth

Future growth in Delhi is about small businesses and leveraging the talent and resources found here. Strategies the Town can support include developing locations for start-ups such as food trucks and shops that cater to tourists and students and promoting Delhi as an affordable location for entrepreneurs who can sell craft products to the nearly unlimited market of NYC.


-Embrace Tourism

We live in a tremendously beautiful, protected area of New York. Delhi can capitalize on tourism. We should promote the work already done on the Master Plan to draw visitors to our downtown and investigate new ideas like using our infrastructure to becoming a bicycling hub to take advantage of a niche market that can bring in a lot of new business.

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